The Capping Process

After filling, the bottle is capped only by a glass ball. And it sounds like open a champagne while you are opening it.

Primary Competitive Advantages

  • (1)Unique Techniques.
    (2)The Outstanding R&D Team.
    (3)The Most Modern Equipments.
    (4)The Large Production Capacity.
  • QC

    Finishing the production process the marble soda has to be stored for 7 days. After 7 days, the Q.C. staff will follow the strict Q.C. regulations and use the various equipments to test the goods, including the contents, pressure etc...
    No. of Employee: 3
    Location: Maoli, Taiwan

    Q.C. Equipment:

    • Various equipments for the inner pressure & liquor testing.

    R & D

    We consistently innovate the most popular flavors, shapes, packages to meet the market's trend.
    No. of Employee: 3
    Location: Maoli, Taiwan

    R.D. Equipment

    • Various equipment for the innovation of flavors, shapes and soon.