What is the most significant to Marble Soda?

The most significant to Marble Soda is the way to seal its bottle. It's capped only by a glass ball. It's totally different from the other soft chinks, and it needs the high technique to do it.

Why can Marble Soda be the popular soft drinks to every generation?

Marble Soda is the traditional soft drinks in Taiwan. It can bring the kind of the reminiscent feelings back to the people. No matter if you are the old generations or the young generations, you will like these unique soft drinks.

What can you do to the bottle else after you finish drinking?

The bottle can be recycled to be the vase, the decorations, hand lantern etc...

Where can the customers buy the Marble Soda?

The customers can reach our Taipei office at 886-2-2782-5597, or our Tung-Lo office at 886-37-984-678. And also can reach us at the e-mail address: ramune.r888@msa.hinet.net.

How many kind of Marble Soda are there?

They can be divided into the followings,
(1)The material of the bottle, such as in glass bottle or in plastic bottle.
(2)The flavors, such as ice cream, grape and straw berry.
(3)The drawings on the bottle. (We have over 15 different drawings) The above are all based on the customers' need.